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Prexima. All our skills compressed.

Everything gained in years of experience and expertise in the industry has been carefully channelled into PREXIMA, IMA series of tablet press machines. Available in three models, PREXIMA is the best solution to handle all production volumes.

Powered by IMA Active’s knowledge of the sector, designed with unique Italian syle, built to deliver top-level performance, PREXIMA drives productivity to a higher level of efficiency. PREXIMA ensures optimal performance even with the most difficult-to-manage powders, keeping the tablet uniform in terms of weight and hardness.


Prexima highlights

1 – Isolation of the processing area, thanks to the use of specially designed seals and protections.

2 – Excellent accessibility, ensuring straightforward operations, easy inspection and cleaning.

3 – Quick turret removal: the HMI guides the operator step by step.

4 – Sturdy structure guarantees both pre-compression and main compression forces up to 100 kN.

5 – Optimised lubrication: no oil dripping from upper punches and no black spots on tablets.

6 – Low noise level: sound-proof panels and anti-vibration feet keep the noise level below 75dB.

7 – XIMA HMI for enhanced usability: the synoptic plays a strategic role in improving operators’ efficiency.


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