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Ethyl Alcohol

alcohol how we make alcohol beyond alcohol technical quality alcohol grades SDA usage chart Since 1943, Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) has produced and marketed high-quality, potable ethyl alcohol made from one source - #2 yellow dent corn. Utilizing both of GPC’s state-of-the-art plant sites in Muscatine, Iowa, and Washington, Indiana, our ethyl alcohol products are sold all over the world for use in applications demanding the highest possible degree of purity. As a result of an unwavering commitment to total quality systems, GPC has literally set the standard of excellence for ethyl alcohol purity and lot-to-lot consistency. The GPC focus in producing ethyl alcohol is directed to the distilled spirits and beverage industries. Our quality assurance and organoleptic experts ensure that each shipment meets or exceeds domestic USP, NF and Food Chemical Codex standards, as well as worldwide pharmacopoeia published standards. This same high-quality grain neutral spirits is used to produce a variety of 190 proof and benzene-free anhydrous industrial ethyl alcohol products including: Reagent Alcohols Specially Denatured Alcohols (SDA) Special Industrial Solvents (SIS) Proprietary Solvents (PROPS) Completely Denatured Alcohols (CDA) Duplicating Fluids (DUP)

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