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Ethyl Alcohol Personal Care Applications | Alcohol | Markets

Ethyl Alcohol Personal Care Applications

personal care GPC’s ethyl alcohol products are sold worldwide for use in personal care applications demanding the highest degree of purity. Your personal care items must meet the highest degree of personal scrutiny, and all of our ethanol articles, without exception, meet mandatory quality standards and USP protocols. The same high-quality spirit produced for the beverage industry is used as the base alcohol for denatured ethanol articles that find their way into the personal care industry. Our pure alcohol is being pre-registered for the new European REACH chemical identification program, making it easier to register your finished products for sale into the European Union member countries. Most TTB related issues for denatured ethyl alcohol are listed in 27 CFR Part 20. Personal care applications include: Antibacterial soaps Mouthwashes Toothpastes Facial astringents Hairsprays Cosmetics Perfumes/colognes Hand sanitizers Spray sunblocks Cough syrups Soft gels

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