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EUDRAGIT® polymers for solid oral dosage forms

Formulation flexibility and reliable quality – why EUDRAGIT® polymers are the gold standard for functional oral solid dosage forms.

Tried, tested and market proven, our family of EUDRAGIT® polymers offers a robust and reliable platform for functional 
oral solid dosage forms. In 2014 we were proud to celebrate the 60th anniversary of EUDRAGIT®. Applied as high-performance film coatings or matrices, they are designed to address your specific drug delivery requirements.

These polymers enable the API in your solid dosage form to unfold its full therapeutic potential where and when it delivers the best results.

The various polymers can be combined with each other to achieve any specific, tailor made release profile. To maximize 
your drug's efficacy and enhance patient compliance, we also design moisture protection and taste/odor masking func-
tionalities into our solutions.

EUDRAGIT® polymers are copolymers derived from esters of acrylic and methacrylic acid whose physicochemical pro-
perties are determined by functional groups.

In summary: a comprehensive delivery solution platform with outstanding gastrointestinal tract targeting, along with 
improved protective, sustained-release and solubility performance.

Available as aqueous dispersions, organic solutions, granules and powders, EUDRAGIT® polymers provide the added 
benefit of easy processability. In addition, you can count on our fully synthetic, high-quality polymerization and production processes to ensure levels of quality and quality consistency that are superior to those  possible with naturally sourced 

In other words:

  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • Narrow molecular weight distribution
  • Defined melt viscosity
  • Excellent thermoplastic properties
  • High thermostability
  • Superior pigment binding capacities
  • Stabilization of amorphous states in solid solutions
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