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Evolv™- DHA

DHA – The ancient nutrient. THE Omega Fatty Acid Essential to every stage of life. Integral to the rise of human intelligence as we know it; playing an Omnipresent, Omnipotent role in all Animal Brains and Cell Membranes. Proven and unparalleled Neuro-developmental, Neuro-protective, Cardio-protective and Anti-Inflammatory benefits in Infants, Adults, & Pets. Now, Cleanly & Sustainably Fermented from the Vegan, Micro-Algal source which started it all. Untouched by Human Hand. Zero Solvents. Heavy Metals & Pesticides Free. Ethically priced, too.


Evolv-DHA : MicroAlgae Derived Oil (Schyzochytrium sp.) 

Minimum 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 60%, & 70% DHA


Evolv-DHA: Encapsulated Free-Flowing Sphers of Microalgae Derived Oil

Minimum 10% 20%, 30% DHA


Evolv-DHA: Free Flowing Powder of Microalgae Dervied Oil

Minimum 10%, 20%, 30% DHA