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Extruded Grain and Protein Crisps

Our protein crisp and grain crisp products  are made from soy, pea protein and rice, and include a wide variety of breakfast cereals, crisp grains, soy proteins and fibre particulates. They also provide fibre, vitamins, minerals and other nutraceutical ingredients for added nutritional and health benefits.

Our products come in different shapes, sizes and textures, and are found in some of the most famous chocolate, granola, health and nutritional bar brands, as well as in yoghurt and ice cream toppings, snack products and infant cereals.

Our highly skilled Research and Development team works closely with our customers to explore and create new, innovative extrusion technologies to enhance and improve their existing formulations.

With over 25 years of extrusion experience, we also have the advanced expertise to modify our products to our customers’ own exacting specifications. We can customise our crisp particulates and snacks by formulation, size, shape, colour, density and texture to help our customers create new and exciting products and expand their own product portfolios.

  • Soy Protein Crisps
  • Pea Protein Crisps
  • Rice Protein Crisps
  • Other Grain Crisps
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