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Watson’s EZ-Press™ line of directly compressible sweeteners is designed for use in the dietary supplement industry for the production of high quality chewable and smooth melt supplement tablets. The EZ-Press™ line of sweeteners has been carefully formulated and produced under controlled conditions to promote exceptional flow of product in the hopper and uniform fill in the dies. The cohesive properties of EZ-Press™ Sweeteners result in firm tablets and minimized friability. Tablets manufactured with Watson’s EZ-Press™ line of sweeteners exhibit good disintegration properties and uniform dosage.

Watson’s EZ-Press™ line of sweeteners includes individual directly compressible sweeteners, customized combination blends of sweeteners, drum-to-hopper chewable bases, and quick dissolve bases.

Watson’s line of individual sweeteners includes:

  • EZ-Press™ Dextrose DC
  • EZ-Press™ Fructose DC
  • EZ-Press™ Mannitol DC
  • EZ-Press™ Sorbitol DC
  • EZ-Press™ Sucrose DC
  • EZ-Press™ Xylitol DC
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