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F-MELT® is designed for manufacturing Oral Disintegrating Tablets (ODTs), tablets that dissolve fast in the oral cavity without the need of water. It is suitable for direct compression manufacturing of ODTs by simple blending APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and lubricants. F-MELT® is available as Type C, Type M, and Type F1. In general, Type C is suitable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations, Type M is for pharmaceutical preparations only, while Type F1 is for nutraceutical and dietary supplement applications. 

F-MELT®’s unique composition meets the challenges thrown to formulators in developing an ODT with optimum tablet hardness and a fast oral disintegration time. OD tablets with F-MELT® provide the patient with a pleasant mouth feel increasing patient compliance. With no royalty and license fee, F-MELT® offers a no-complicated route to developing oral disintegrating tablets.


  • A New Excipient for Fast Oral Dissolve Systems
  • Ready-to-use powder matrix
  • Oral disintegration time less than 30 seconds
  • High direct compressibility and easy to use
  • No royalty or licensing fees required
  • High API loading achievable
  • Very flowable with little or no sticking/capping
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