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Industrial Sealing Equipment: FSU50

Portable, Manually Operated, Hermetic Bag Sealer. Simple to Operate.

The Fres-co FSU50 Bag Sealer is a heavy duty manually operated bag sealer for large size pre-made bags. The machine is designed for use with barrier laminates that require hermetic sealing. It also has the ability to seal other types of materials such as plastic, foil and paper laminates.

To ensure the versatility you need, the Fres-co FSU50 Industrial Sealer can be easily moved among slower speed or manual filling operations and with an optional bag conveyor it is capable of handling bags that weigh up to 100lbs. This convenient heat-sealing system works great for bags containing food and feed ingredients, agricultural chemical products, engineered resins, pet foot, specialty minerals and other chemicals. A user-friendly control system provides the safety and assurance required by industry standards.

Our Packaging Equipment Technical Support Team will install and test the Fres-co Industrial Sealer and properly train the operators and personnel to ensure the equipment performance.

Packaging Applications:

  • Food & Feed Ingredients
  • Pet Food
  • Specialty Chemicals & Minerals


  • Capable of Sealing 2 to 5 Bags per Minute (output varies depending on operator dexterity, size, weight and type of high barrier material)
  • Foot Pedal or Proximity Switch Activation
  • Resistance-Type Heat Seal Bars with Dual Temperature Controllers
  • Capable of Sealing Gusseted Bags, Pillow Packs, and Stand-Up Pouches
  • Adjustable Seal Pressure and Dwell Time
  • Left or Right Hand Orientation

Package Finishing:

  • Hermetic Thermal Sealing Suitable for:
    • Gusseted Bags
    • Stand-Up Pouches
    • Pillow Packs
    • Pouches


  • Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • Locking Castors for Easy Movement to Filling Operations
  • Multiple Voltages

Production Speed: Up to 5 ppm

Bag Size:

  • 5 inch x 5 inch
  • 16-inch face x  34-inch bag height (conveyor to seal bar)

Capacity: Up to 100lbs

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