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Fermented Vegetable Extract BIOZYME|Japan Bio Science Laboratory CO., Ltd.

Fermented Vegetable Extract BIOZYME

Rich in Peptides of Enzymes and Many Other Useful Substances Lifestyle Measures・Nutritional Supplementation・Beauty The cells which compose a human body keep the body functioning by making hundreds of millions of chemical reactions happen constantly. “Enzymes” help the chemical reaction happen and enable cells to carry out their work properly, which makes us capable of keeping our bodies healthy. Because of aging or unbalanced dietary habits, however, our bodies’ productive ability of enzymes deteriorates. Therefore, we need to eat foods that contain abundant amounts of enzymes such as fermented foods. And yet, it takes some time to absorb the high molecular compounds such as enzymes. Also they are prone to heat and acid. However, we have succeeded in overcoming these weak points and developed a fermented vegetable extract called “BIOZYME” which abundantly contains amino acids and peptides that have been decomposed from enzymes (proteins) as well as other useful substances, using our original fermentation technology.

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