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such as stomach upset, bloating, and nausea. Ferractiv® iron supplement powder is a unique, iron multi-amino acid chelate ingredient which has been clinically proven to be well tolerated. A study of 60 healthy, premenopausal women in a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial showed a statistically significant reduction in side effects when given an equivalent amount of iron as Ferractiv® as compared to ferrous sulfate, one of the most commonly used and well absorbed iron salts.

Additionally, in vitro experiments sussing a novel and highly sensitive iron absorption assay, developed by Dr. Ray Glahn and colleagues at USDA and Cornell University Department of Food Science, have shown Ferractiv® iron supplement to be highly bioavailable - meeting or exceeding the benchmark for bioavailability (ferrous sulfate- heptahydrate) in this model system.

This in vitro work has been extended to the clinic, where large scale (n=450) trials in pregnant, anemic women demonstrates the superior performance of Ferractiv® iron supplement. Women receiving Ferractiv® containing capsules responded more quickly, with fewer complaints of discomfort, when being treated for iron deficiency anemia by three separate clinical measurements. Importantly, these benefits were realized at a comparable cost on a per-dose basis when compared to frequently used alternatives.

Finally, Ferractiv® has been studied at the atomic level in collaboration with the Canadian Light Source at the University of Saskatchewar in Saskatoon, Canada. The CLS is Canada's national synchrotron. This world- class research facility enables scientists and engineers to study the microstructure and chemical properties of materials. Ferractiv® was analyzed using the Hard X-ray Micro Analysis Beamline 6ID. The collaboration between Biotron and the CLS has demonstrated a quantitative difference between both the bonding energy and bond distances of the atomic structures within the multiple amino acid matrix of Ferractiv®. This data enables a definitive distinction to be made between this fully-reacted mineral chelate and other unreacted physical blends or irritating, low value inorganic salts. 

Taken together, these data prove that Ferractiv® is unmatched as a safe, economical, well tolerated, highly bioavailable and unique iron-preparation - the ideal iron ingredient for safe, gentle, and effective supplementation.

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