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Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is a common medical problem. In fact, 9% of women and up to 5% of men in the US have IDA.2,3 It results when the body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells. Iron is a building block of red blood cells, and when there isn’t enough, red blood cells cannot carry oxygen to the tissues and cells of the body as they should.4 A person develops IDA when iron stores in the body run low. This can happen for many reasons:5 Blood is lost more quickly than it can be replaced by the body Iron is not absorbed as well as it should be The diet does not contain enough iron-rich foods Your need for iron is greater than usual (due to pregnancy, for example)6 Many oral iron supplements are available by prescription from your doctor or over-the-counter on pharmacy shelves. What makes Ferralet 90 different? Ferralet 90 contains Ferr-Ease®* dual-iron delivery, a biocomplementary iron formulation with 1 rapidly absorbed and 1 slowly absorbed iron.7 And because it is extremely well tolerated, unlike some other iron formulations, Ferralet 90 transforms iron therapy into a gentle experience.