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Qualicaps® is the world's leading manufacturer of two-piece capsule filling equipment specializing in customized filling solutions to meet today's challenging fill needs. As a market leader in liquid-fill technology, we have taken extra care to insure proper filling of liquids and have partnered with many pharmaceutical manufactures to reach new levels of success with liquid-filling. 

CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE F-LABO The F-Labo is a high-speed fully-automatic capsule filling machine developed for laboratories to assist with new drug formulation and manufacturing investigations. This filling machine enables filling of multiple types of ingredients, including pellets, liquids and powders in the same capsule. This filling machine enables high-precision filling even when only a small quantity of raw materials is to be filled. 
Available: Asia, Europe and America 

CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE F-5/F-40/80/100/150 The Qualicaps® F 40/80/100/150 high-speed fully-automatic capsule filling machines feature a compact size with easy conversion, highly accurate filling and the ability to handle a variety of dosage forms. These machines have output ranges from 40,000-150,000/hour. The F40 has special liquid filling capabilities.
Available: Asia, Europe and America         

CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE WITH AUGER JCF This unique, fully-automatic filling machine fills using an auger method, which is especially good for products that cannot be filled by compression or vibration. It is well suited for health food products. This machine has been designed compactly to fit into a small foot print maximizing utilization of space in a production area. The JCF operates at 40,000 capsules per hour. 

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