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Comar SecureCap QuarterLoc Child Resistant Closure

SecureCap™ QuarterLoc®, Child Resistant Closure

The patented SecureCap® QuarterLoc™ Child Resistant Closure offers the familiar push-and-turn child resistant closure opening in a low cost, one-piece design. The one-piece design reduces manufacturing complexity and is more environmentally responsible. By providing a secure closure with just a quarter turn, QuarterLoc™ is easier to use because it eliminates the potential of thread misalignment and cocked caps.

Aesthetics and design were influenced by 3rd party consumer survey and research which led to softer ribs for added comfort and more audible and tactile closing for added sense of security. The SecureCap® QuarterLoc™ is manufactured from polypropylene and works with PET bottles. The closure does not require a liner but where a liner is required standard foil induction liners or in line conduction liners can be used.

  • Excellent functionality for gummy vitamins and other products requiring a child resistant closure
  • QuarterLoc™ technology eliminates thread mis-alignment and cocked caps
  • One piece design uses less material than 53mm two piece push-and-turn CRC making it more environmentally friendly
  • Meets USP671 Tight Container Integrity requirements
  • Accepts Induction Seal
  • Adaptable and scalable for use with multiple products
  • For use with PET Packer Bottles
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