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JW Nutritional understands the importance of excellent flavoring in the eyes of the consumer when choosing nutritional supplements and other products. Our Research and Development department is well-versed in flavoring all sorts of formulas. We have a wide variety of flavor components to choose from that range from cheap-and-efficient to expensive-and-addicting. 

Some formulas have bases that are relatively neutral and don’t require expensive flavor profiles to taste great. Other formulas have some poor-tasting bases with several “off-notes” in the natural flavor. These bases will require an extra flavor boost to make them competitive.

In the world of nutrition and supplements, a vast majority of consumers will be drawn to a product initially if it tastes amazing. They will then stick with the product if it works the way they expect it to. So, to give yourself that leg-up on the competition, you need a superior flavor that will create that initial draw.

Flavor is undoubtedly one of the most important characteristics in the success of a powder product. Our flavor experts can make any reasonable flavor and sweetener option you may request. Though some flavor options may be more labor-intensive than others, our Research and Development division is constantly improving flavor and sweetener combinations for use in a variety of powders.

JW Nutritionals approach to flavor development is very customer and product specific. Because some flavors are easily masked, the development of a suitable target flavor profile is much easier. However, some products require unique flavoring to mask or alter the natural flavors used in the product formula.

We can utilize both natural flavoring, artificial flavoring or a combination of both to achieve your desired product flavor. With our dedication to accurately recreating your desired flavor, your finished product will always meet your expectations. We have produced a large selection of flavored products in categories that include:

Fruits – e.g. Green Apple, Fruit Punch

Berries – e.g. Acai, Blue Razzberry

Citrus – e.g. Orange, Lemon Lime, Cherry Lime

Tropical – e.g. Mango, Mango Passionfruit, Tropical Punch

Desserts – e.g. Cotton Candy, Marshmallow 

Savory – e.g. Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Glazed Donut 

JW Nutritional can develop a wide variety of flavors designed to suit the needs of your customers. With the inclusion of our supplement manufacturing services, clients can receive an all-in-one product that is ready to incorporate their flavoring choice. If you are interested in the flavor development services we offer, please contact us today!

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