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FLAVOURING AND COULORING To view PRODUCTS and technical data SHEETS, make a SEARCH by keyword by entering the type of product (eg. MOZZARELLA) or the code (eg. ST 051) Download Product Key Code FLAVOURING AND COULORING Smoke aroma The smoked aromas are concentrated aqueous smoke flavorings for food use which allow for smoking at room temperature. The homogeneous coloration of the food product associated with a significant reduction of its weight loss are the particular advantages to be gained by the use of smoke flavorings. The most widespread method of usage is the immersion of the product in a bath consisting of water and aroma, in a percentage that allows it to meet the expected maximum content for that food. Annatto coloring for cheese The annatto dye is derived from the pulp of the annatto seeds that are extracted from the Bixa Orellana L tree. The aqueous solution of the coloring pigment from the annatto seed extract is completely soluble in water, and the gradation of available colors ranges from yellow to orange. TYPES ANNATTO, SMOKE AROMA

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