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FlexiGO™: The natural & performant solution for joint Health

FlexiGO™: The natural & performant solution for joint Health

Harpagophytum procumbens and Harpagophytum zeyheri, also called Devil’s claw, is traditionally used for the good function of joints.

This ingredient, coming from a root growing only in the South of Africa, is the natural solution to improve joint health.

Nexira has established a long-term supply chain partnership with a sustainable sourcing approach.

Once received by Nexira, the root is gently processed in France by Nexira with a water extraction and a physical concentration.

Nexira’s Devil’s Claw range, FlexiGo™ offers standardized concentration, up to 20 % of Harpagoside monopic with HPLC method. Nexira’s ingredients are carrier-free (100% Devil’s Claw).

To satisfy the consumer demand, FlexiGo™ is available in organic grade. Thanks to its vegetable origin, this range is suitable for vegetarian and is animal-free (no shellfish).

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