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Flexographic Labels for Large Runs

Flexographic Labels

Flexographic Label Printing has amazing benefits...

Perfect for medium to large quantity custom orders!

High Definition Digital Printing Plates = You will love your High Quality Labels!

You have a huge variety of printing options available, with up to 12 colors!

Enjoy some of the fastest deliveries in the industry, using high speed presses!

Flexographic Printing is perfect for medium to large run orders

If you have a label order that is larger than 10,000 - 15,000 per item, the most cost effective option is most likely Flexographic "traditional" label printing, vs Digital printing. Why? is probably the question swirling in your head right now. We'll explain...

When it comes to any manufacturing process, the speed at which equipment operates has an impact on its cost to produce. While digital presses run between 30 - 50 feet per minute (fpm), the Flexographic presses are running between 300 - 400 fpm. A faster process means a lower per label cost to you, which is important with your medium to large volume orders. Much like a car runs faster than say a go-cart. Both are awesome forms of transportation, but each have their specific role. Enough about go-carts, let's talk about what's really important. You and your label needs.

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