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FlexPack NF-180

The FlexPack NF-180 Horizontal Pouch-Packaging Machine is a high performance packaging machine due to its versatility, productivity and easy changeover. The machine is available in a simplex or duplex version to meet your production needs. Pouch sizes range from 50mm x 70mm up to 190mm x 230mm.

Duplex Machine:

Produces up to 180 pouches/minute

Pouch size: min. 50mm x 70mm; max. 90mm x 230mm

Fill Volume: up to 125cc

Simplex Machine:

Produces up to 90 pouches/minute

Pouch size: min. 50mm x 70mm; max. 190mm x 230mm

Fill Volume: up to 450cc

Designed to fill powdered products into 3 or 4 sided sealed sachet

Ergonomic monoblock on balcony frame

Suitable for food, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and/or chemicals