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Atlantia can provide quality assured data on cardiovascular health parameters that meet product efficacy and regulatory needs.

For those purposes, structural and functional properties of the vascular system can be evaluated in a non-invasive and subject friendly fashion by means of high-resolution ultrasound imaging and advanced multi-arterial blood-pressure measurements. The arterial function measurements (brachial flow mediated dilatation, pulse wave velocity, peripheral and central blood pressures) and the arterial wall structure measurements (carotid arterial wall thickness and elasticity) can provide complementary quality assured cardiovascular health data on the benefits of nutrient and life-style interventions.

Of particular interest is arterial endothelial function testing, as assessed by  brachial artery FMD. These validated sensitive measurements are of great value in nutraceutical trials as product efficacy and cardiovascular health claims can be evaluated within a relatively short time period and in small study samples. Endothelial function assessments are patient friendly and results are well received by regulatory authorities like the EFSA and the FDA.

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