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food garde Flour product(noodle) Improver M902

Product Information

White powder ,has a good water absorption, such product is easily soluble in water, the solution is weak alkaline.


In 25kg composite plastic woven/paper bag with PE liner.

Storage and transport:To be stored in a dry, ventilate and clean warehouse; Valid for two years.

Main usage

This product consists of many kinds of food additives with the scientific proportion, used as water-conservative in flour product ,improve the gluten strength, reduce the starch extractives, make the noodles more boilproof and preventing turbid soup, improve the noodle’s Viscoelasticity, stabilize the PH of the product, preventing the noodles browning, improve the smooth finish of the noodles, could prevent browning and keep product freshing,lengthen the shelf life of the products.

Recommended Dosage

1.Commonly, we add this product according to the proportion of 0.15-0.3%
2.Blending this product with other food additives in the water, then add in the flour

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