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BiAloe® is a free flowing powder that can easily be formulated into a variety of nutrition supplement products. The recommended daily intake of 160 mg. BiAloe® is ideal for capsule, tablet, effervescent tablet, powder, stick pack, beverage, and bar formulations. Additionally, BiAloe® can be combined with numerous ingredients to create unique formulations for new product entries into the market.

Foods & Beverages

BiAloe® mixes easily into many food and beverage product formulations. Due to the high Acemannan content BiAloe® may be used at the rate of one-third to one-tenth of other commercially available Aloes. BiAloe® has excellent solubility in water based recipes, as well as a pleasant, easily masked taste.

Skin Care & Cosmetics

BiAloe® is excellent for topical skin care and cosmetic applications. The minimum suggested level is 0.5% of the carrier. Using up to 2% is not uncommon in high-end products and will achieve much faster results. BiAloe® dissolves completely into water based products and can be suspended in oil based formulations.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

BiAloe® is suitable for formulation of medical devices or pharmaceuticals for wound care. To prepare moist gels for wound dressings we recommend a level of 1%. For topical creams and ointments results will increase proportionately as the level of BiAloe® increases up to 3% of the carrier.

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