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Fortification of milk and dairy products - Dr. Paul Lohmann

Fortification of milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products Milk and dairy products There has been a tremendous boom in the fortification of milk and dairy products with minerals in recent years. Firstly, fortified dairy products are suitable for supplying children and teenagers with additional minerals that are essential for growth, such as calcium and iron. Secondly, there is an increasing variety of fortified dairy products aimed chiefly at older people5. Here, fortification with calcium plays a major part. Creamy and solid products such as yoghurt, fromage frais and cream cheese are particularly suitable for fortification that is technically quite simple. Sedimentation does not occur in these products because of their high viscosity. However, special particle design of insoluble mineral salts also enables the fortification of liquid products such as fresh milk and milkshakes. Besides dairy milk products, other milk-like beverages such as soya milk and rice milk can be fortified with minerals, e.g. vegan milk substitutes. To offset possible calcium, iron or zinc deficiencies also dairy products can be fortified by the addition of minerals to added fruit preparations, as in the case of yoghurt, for instance.

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