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Balanced Salt Substitute -- FortiSalt (R)

A patent-pending product designed to introduce broad-spectrum essential minerals and micronutrients (trace elements) in nutritionally significant amounts easily and consistently into the diet through food. This product, used and applied like salt, can also significantly reduce one’s consumption of sodium chloride.

This product comes in liquid form. When sprayed on food, it delivers a wide range and balance of essential minerals and trace elements essential to health and well being. Consumers can obtain their mineral and micro nutrient fortification from food—not pills—while reducing sodium. Contains fortified levels of all essential trace elements (excluding iron) and added boron. No MSG. Contains Iodine. Kosher certified.


• Reduce sodium in recipes with full flavor from balanced mineral salts
• A good source of 10 essential minerals
• Better flavor than plain salt
• Winner, Superior Taste Award, International Taste & Quality Institute
• Provides mineral nutrition in a way natural to the digestive system
• Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free

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