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FOS(Fructo Oligosaccharides)


  1. Low sweetness、low calorie。
  2. No by oral bacteria, prevent tooth from decaying。
  3. Prevent diarrhea and constipation。
  4. Lower cholesterol and triglyceride content in serum。
  5. Promotes the absorption of calcium iron, magnesium, zinc and other minerals。
  6. Strengthen immunity。
  7. proliferation of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of pathogen,reduce the production of toxins and establish intestinal micro-ecology balance。


  1. Dairy products, infant formula food, and yogurt products
  2. Pharmaceutical, functional products and health food
  3. Food additives, meat, bakery, cereals, candies, desserts, fruit-related products
  4. Beverage,drinking water and alcoholic beverages
  5. Sugar or sugar substitute
  6. Frozen products
  7. Green feed, pet food
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