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Fruits & vegetables

Chewable Fruit Pieces

• Dates (Powder, Whole, Pitted & Paste)

Nex-xus is committed to supply premium quality dates and date products including whole, diced, pitted and paste from several date varieties such as Medjool and Deglet Noor. Any variety of date products is processed to be suitable for baked product application and meet specific customer requirements. They can be used to reduce fat and increase fiber adding nutritional value to baked goods. Date products are excellent ingredients in many baked product recipes, nutritional bars and other.

• Dehydrated Potato (Granules, Flakes & Flour)

In order to ensure that Nex-xus products are manufactured from nature’s best potatoes, Nex-xus provides their dehydrated potato products from the most modern producers which are located in the key potato producing areas in North America.

Dehydrated potato products present an important segment of potato based convenience food both for individual households and for food service industry. They can be used as instant mashed potatoes or in soup mixes, baby foods, snack foods, frozen entrees, and pet foods.

Dehydrated potatoes are marketed mostly in either drum-dried potato flakes or as potato dices.

  • Potato Flakes: Steam-cooked potatoes are mashed and quickly drum dried into thin sheets of low-moisture potato. Sheets are then broken into flakes of specified mesh size.
  • Potato Dices: Fresh potatoes are peeled, cleaned, trimmed, and cut into a variety of dice sizes. Dices are then dehydrated to half their water weight before freezing.

• Fruits & vegetables (Dried, Infused, Paste & Frozen vegetables and fruits)

Nex-xus provides a selection of the finest dried, infused, pasted, frozen and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables supplied are selected among the highest product grades and processed under controlled temperature and low (or no) pressure in order to preserve the product natural taste, composition and benefit. Customization of size, shape, water activity, moisture content, color, texture and flavours are all possible upon the customer’s request. Custom blending, physical, chemical and microbiological standardization are also available.

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