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Fucobalan ® blends combine the benefits of both Oligo Fucoidan and High Stability Fucoxanthin to provide a safe & bioactive functional ingredients. Water soluble, allowing formulations with other ingredients into health supplements, functional food or beverages.

Fucoidan is a kind of polysaccharide containing sulfated fucose, which is extracted from seaweeds. Hi-Q acquired unique extraction technology from government and improved the technology to produce 500 Dalton molecular weight Fucoidan.

HS Fucoxanthin is a kind a xanthophyll which is extracted from seaweeds. Advanced coating technology to maintain high stability and bioactivity of Fucoxanthin in the marine polysaccharide during storage time.

We further focus on scientific researches and human clinical trials to proven safety & functional efficacy; thus with 25 scientific & medical publication journals accepted by international professional authoritative to prove our scientific data & health claims, and evidences of efficacy scientifically.

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