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FucoMAX™ Fucoidan

Laminaria japonica

50%, 70%, 85% fucoidan powder

Health Benefits:
Digestion, Weight Management


FucoMAX™ Fucoidan from global natural products pioneer BGG brings pure innovation to the world supplement-ingredient stage by supporting a number of critical bodily functions, including digestive and cellular health. Derived from food-grade brown marine algae, FucoMAX™ provides high-potency fucoidan.

Fucose, the primary active ingredient of fucoidan, is not naturally found in food, therefore, the body must obtain fucose from intermediate molecules it itself generates by producing more than 34 enzymatic reactions. BGG has secured relationships with many leading brown marine algae harvesters that use environmentally-conscious processes to source the algae from sustainable aquaculture farms. New clinical research and BGG’s own extensive in-house testing have proven the breakthrough results of this exciting new product.

FucoMAX™ Fucoidan supports an ever-growing number of critical bodily functions. It can prevent main side effects of aspirin on the gastrointestinal tract in rats, including ulcer, gastrorrhagia, collagen deposition in the glandular connective septa, gastric pit damage, and vacuolization of the glandular section, and can inhibit the chronic colitis induced by dextransodium sulfate salt. Fucoidan also can prevent stomach bleeding and gastric mucosa damage caused by ethanol. As fucose is one of the eight biological sugars absolutely essential for cell-to-cell communication, FucoMAX™ also has properties that enhance the immune system, exhibit strong anticoagulant and antithrombotic activity, and additionally can inhibit certain viruses, bacteria and cancers.

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