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FucoBeauty Fucowell-Oligo Fucoidan Gel

Fucowell-Oligo Fucoidan Gel Made in: Taiwan, ROC Get Latest Price Buy directly on iDealEZ Add to favorites Contact Us Key Features FucoWell - Oligo Fucoidan Gel is a special natural cosmetic skincare product which has been scientifically proven to assist in skin regeneration and skin repair. It repairs, restores and soothes damaged and irritated skin, for example due to sunburn or after shaving, laser or beauty treatment; leaves skin feeling comfortable and more elastic. Key ingredient includes Fuco Skin; (500Da)Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan (LMWF) extracted from marine seaweed for skincare application; provides intensive hydration and care. It can be easily absorbed through the skin, rapid penetration, moisturizes and gently soothes, even for sensitive skin. All ingredients are lab-test, natural from marine & herbal; the gel is especially for irritated or damaged skin;reduces inflammation; for skin regeneration and skin repair.

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