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Full Spectrum Complex Carbohydrate & Real Acemannan

No Other Aloe Extract Even Comes Close

For over 25 years we have specialized in extracting & preserving full spectrum Complex Carbohydrate & real Acemannan that is virtually bio-identical to real fresh Aloe Vera found in nature.

Other Aloe Vera manufacturers are only able to preserve a tiny portion of the active ingredient in their products.

Acemannan Provides Important Consumer Benefits

Acemannan (β1,4-linked polymannans or aceylated mannans), especially the larger molecular weights, activates the immune system through its effects on macrophages, accounting for the wide variety of immune stimulating and healing results attributed to Aloe Vera.

• Note on the graph that the other producers of Aloe Vera worldwide are unable to save the key larger molecular weights responsible for enhancing and balancing immune function.

• As such, this unique compound NATURMANAN® – only available from NATURALOE lends itself to a wide variety of applications that provide important consumer benefits:

  • When taken daily, NATURMANAN® enhance your immune system. An immune system that is modulated will function properly and may help address conditions associated with a suppressed or over stimulated immune system.
  • Immune modulators (balancers) such as the acetylated mannans found in NATURMANAN®, work more to “balance” the immune system thus allowing it to function properly.

The consumption of NATURMANAN® at a daily dosage of 160 mg carries the following DSHEA claims:

  • “Immune stimulating formula”
  • “Supports immune system function”
  • “Helps support gastrointestinal function”
  • “Supports digestive function”
  • “Aids in digestion”
  • “Helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level”
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