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Functional Ingredients & Fibers

Baobab (Powder, Fruit Chews Fortified)

Barley flour

Cocoa extender

Cocoa extender is a flour used as a chocolate replacement; it is a 100% natural product manufactured from barley, malted using different roasting processes to obtain the characteristic cocoa color, taste and aroma. Cocoa extender is used for the preparation of coatings, sauces, puddings and other chocolate colored and sweet products.

Grains & Cereals

Inulin (Agave, Jerusalem artichoke)

Inulin Fructanex powder is extracted from Jerusalem Artichoke Tuber by a natural process. It is a short-chain inulin with an average degree of polymerization (DP) 6-7. Inulin Fructanex can offer great prebiotic effects, improved solubility, mouth-feel humectancy and stability with lower viscosity. It can be used in dietary supplement goods, beverage, dairy, bakery, cereals, nutritional bars, confectionary, etc.

Malt Extract (Liquid)

Malted Barley (Malt Flour & Malt Extract)

Malted Barley improves the flavor and appearance of yeast breads. It also prolongs the shelf life of baked goods. Malted Barley is used mostly in combination with wheat flour for baking and may also be used as a thickener for soups, stews and gravies.

Natural Colours

Natural Red Colour (pH, Light, & Heat stable)

Oat Fiber

Oat Fiber is a source of dietary fiber for various applications such as bakery products, snacks, cereal products, meat extender and other. Oat fiber is an excellent choice for increasing fiber content, reducing calorie content, enhancing texture, improving moisture retention and increasing process yield. Oat fiber can be incorporated at high levels for fiber enrichment.

Rice Breading (Puffed & Grinded)

Rice breading is a breading system prepared from rice, certified gluten free. This product acts as a breading crumb for all types of poultry, meat, fish and shellfish. It is also an excellent bulking agent to increase volume, enhance crispiness and acts as a carrier of flavour. Rice breadings are available in different particle sizes designated as puffed and grinded.

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