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Functional Mushrooms-麗豐實業 NEW BELLUS ENTERPRISES CO., LTD.

Functional Mushrooms

Hirsutella sinensis is one of the most valuable Chinese medicine ingredients like ginseng, capable of maintaining homeostasis. New Bellus uses the deep-layer liquid culture technique to produce Hirsutella sinensis mycelia with bio-active compounds and activities very similar to the Hirsutella sinensis fruiting bodies. Animal studies showed that Zymobiosis® Hirsut-Gem can lower blood urea nitrogen and creatinine levels, improving the condition of glomerulomegaly and chronic kidney disease. In addition, Zymobiosis® Hirsut-Gem can enhance muscular endurance, accelerate recovery after exercises and reduce accumulation of lactic acids and blood urea nitrogen, giving an overall anti-fatigue effects. Animal studies showed that Zymobiosis® Hirsut-Gem reduced production of inflammatory cytokines, lowered the number of inflammatory cells and mucus production. The overall anti-inflammatory effect results in better air-flow in the lung and increased resistance from respiratory infections.

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