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GAR capsules

GAR - Gastric Acid Resistant Capsules (Enteric capsules)

1: What is GAR Capsules?

We developed the Gastric Acid Resistant (GAR) HPMC capsules that are based on Hypromellose, HPMC-AS or HPMC-P, primarily for the purpose of delivering live microbes, enzymes, oxygen sensitive and acid sensitive ingredients to safely pass through stomach gastric acid and release quickly in the intestine. 

Recently, we expanded this category of products to meet demand from all sector of customer base. We added two new items of GAR capsules into this category:

2: Two Types of GAR capsules

We supply three types of GAR capsules: 
1) GAR HPMC capsules: Based on our Goh-Veg HPMC capsules, plus HPMC-P or HPMCAS USP.

2) GAR Pullulan capsules: Based on our Bright-Poly capsules plus HPMC-P or CAP.

Our GAR capsule is the best delivery system in the market for enzymes, live microbes and acid sensitive materials.

Why our GAR Pullulan capsules are unique:

Our pullulan based GAR capsules combined the unique oxygen barrier properties of pullulan and better mechanical properties of CAP, and made it one of the only delayed release capsules that can both reduce content oxidation and withstand acidity of stomach. Our GAR pullulan capsules with these unique properties are ideal for delivering APIs that are based on live microbes, protein & enzymes and oxygen sensitive materials. For more detailed technical information, please contact us.

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