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Yasin Gelatin coating tablet|pharma grade|manufacturing gelatin

Gelatin for coating tablet

Gelatin for coating tablet In tablets, Yasin Gelatin is a natural binding, coating and disintegration agent that meets the requirements of those consumers concerned about the use of chemically modified ingredients. If gives tablets lustrous appearance and a pleasant mouth feel. Many solid pharmaceutical dosage mediums are produced with coatings, either on the external surface of tablets, or on materials dispensed within gelatine capsules. Coating serves a number of purposes: Protects the tablet (or the capsule contents) from stomach acids Protects the stomach lining from aggressive drugs such as enteric coated aspirin Provides a delayed release of the medication Helps maintain the shape of the tablet Ideally, the tablet should release the material gradually and the drug should be available for digestion beyond the stomach. The coating can be specially formulated to regulate how fast the tablet dissolves and where the active drugs are to be absorbed into the body after ingestion. Many factors can affect the end-use properties of pharmaceutical tablets: Chemical composition Coating process Drying time Storage and environmental monitoring

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