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Yasin Gelatin dairy food|confectionery| dessert jelly gelatin

Gelatin dairy food|confectionery| dessert jelly gelatin

Confections are typically made from a base of sugar, corn syrup and water. To this base they are added flavor, color and texture modifiers. Gelatin is widely used in confections because it foams, gels, or solidifies into a piece that dissolves slowly or melts in the mouth. Confections such as gummy bears contain a relatively high percentage of gelatins. These candies dissolve more slowly thus lengthening the enjoyment of the candy while smoothing the flavor Gelatin is used in whipped confections such as marshmallows where it serves to lower the surface tension of the syrup, stabilize the foam through increased viscosity, set the foam via gelatin, and prevent sugar crystallisation. Gelatin is used in foamed confections at a 2-7% level, depending upon the desired texture. Gummy foams use about 7% of a 200 - 275 Bloom gelatin. Marshmallow producers generally use 2.5% of a 250 Bloom Type A gelatin.

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