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Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling Software

Genesis R&D® Food Formulation & Labeling Software enables users to easily create government-compliant Nutrition Facts panels, virtually formulate foods, analyze the nutritional content of your recipes, and adjust ingredients over and over without sending your formula to the lab each time you make a change. And, Genesis helps you conform to the ever-changing government regulations.

With ESHA's robust nutrition database at its core, Genesis R&D is a powerful tool for all facets of product development, from conceptualizing and creation to labeling, analysis, and regulatory compliance. Click here to watch an overview of the Genesis R&D program.

Program Features:

• Create regulatory compliant nutrition facts labels

• Manage all of your recipes and formulations in one place

• Make modifications as needed, eliminating the time and cost of outsourced analytical testing

• Easily analyze the nutritional content of your formulas and recipes with the robust nutrition reports

• Save and reuse formulas to create new formulas that are similar in design

• Calculate recipe yield and cost

• Comply with country-specific government labeling regulations

• Access HACCP guidelines for the foods used

• Monitor changes with built-in audit tracking

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