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Gingko Biloba Extract

1.Ginkgo biloba extract is primarily applied as a treatment for dementia, memory loss and age-related cognitive decline by effects on Brain and Nerves Ginkgo biloba temporarily increases blood flow to the brain, and this may explain the herb's famous memory-enhancing effects.

The NIH regards ginkgo biloba as "possibly effective" as a method for improving memory, mood and cognitive function in people with Alzheimer’s, vascular or mixed dementias. Ginkgo biloba can also enhance cognitive function in both young people and elderly people. Although evidence is not conclusive, ginkgo biloba may help to enhance eyesight in people with glaucoma and diabetes. 2.Ginkgo biloba supplements can help to enhance circulation, particularly among those with medical conditions. By increasing circulation to the extremities, ginkgo biloba may help to treat several painful conditions. The NIH states that ginkgo biloba may reduce symptoms of claudication, or leg pain, caused by poor blood flow. Compounds in ginkgo biloba appear to increase the distance that a person with peripheral vascular disease can walk before experiencing pain, and it may also reduce the need for surgery to treat this condition.