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SEPPIC™ GIVOCAL | Innovative natural actives


Calcium glycerophosphate is a source of highly bioavailable calcium and phosphorus. This mineral salt has nutritional, organoleptic and technological superior quality. These qualities are due to the specific characteristics of the organic anion glycerophosphate.


Advantages to use GIVOCAL™ A "3 in 1" salt It supplies calcium, glycerol and phosphorus Double interest This type of calcium salt has a physiologic and metabolic interest due to the glycerophosphate, which is absent in inorganic calcium salts A superior way As part of nutraceuticals or health food, GIVOCAL™ is a highly bioavailable source of calcium Scientific evidences Calcium glycerophosphate shows excellent absorption. Some other clinical studies show positive effects on bone and teeth development A chelate Glycerophosphate is an excellent vector for delivering calcium into the GI tract

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