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GLOBALG.A.P. - FoodChain ID Certification


GLOBALG.A.P. is the world’s leading private sector farm assurance standards organization offering several different types of certification programs. The Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) scheme is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI); it is based on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for the production of crops, fish and livestock. GLOBALG.A.P. certifies producers in more than 125 countries worldwide supporting safe, sustainable agriculture. Certification against the IFA Standard demonstrates a producer’s commitment to implementing and maintaining safe food practices, which helps increase access to global manufacturers and retailers requiring GFSI-recognized certification from their suppliers. The IFA Standard takes a modular approach to certification, whereby producers may be certified against several different sub-scopes in a single audit. The Standard is organized according to four main scope modules (e.g. Crops Base), or general production systems. Each scope is further broken down into sub-scope modules (e.g. Fruits & Vegetables) covering specific production practices according to product type. Within each scope and sub-scope are Control Points and Compliance Criteria (CPCC), which must be met to achieve certification.

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