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GlucoVantage® GLUCOVANTAGENEW.png GLUCOVANTAGE® the super Berberine What is Berberine? Berberine is a plant alkaloid exists in Berberis family. It shows help on anti-inflammatory and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Native American Medicine. Research shows that berberine can also provide many benefits if taken as a supplement. Berberine is proved to be effective on increase insulin sensitivity, regular blood glucose, low the total cholesterol and triglycerides level of body, help on losing weight. Studies show that supplementation with Berberine for 3 months significantly improves insulin sensitivity and reduces body weight. As a supplement, berberine provides an effective solution on body health and weight loss. GlucoVantage® -- Origin from Berberine, Beyond Berberine. NNB’s GlucoVantage® is a compound called dihydroberberine. It is a metabolite of berberine in human body and has higher bioavailability than berberine. Dihydroberberine can also be found in certain plants such as Arcangelisia flava and Coptidis Chinensis, but with extremely low content. GlucoVantage® shows same effects with berberine but works more directly and more effectively. Additional study suggested that GlucoVantage® enhanced blood ketone response when combined with BHB.

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