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Glucuronolactone is a medical raw material, it will be catalyzed as glucuronic acid by enzyme in our body, after combine with metabolites, tonic substances or drugs in liver and intestinal tract, non-toxic glucuronic acid combination will be generated and urinated. Meanwhile, glucuronolactone decrease activity of liver amylase, prevent glycogenolysis, increase content of glycogen, reduce storage of fattiness.Glucuronolactone also can be used for hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, food and drug poisoning. It is the adjuvant drug of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.  

Glucuronolactone is also food additive,which is widely used in health foods and functional beverages. It has effect of regulating immune function, moistening skin, anti-aging, improving oxygen to the brain and help recover from fatigue, etc. 

Our production lines are meet the demands of GMP,FDA and COS, our technology is unique, advanced and environmental protection. We have patents, proprietary intellectual property rights of product. Capacity of 1500 tons per year make us the biggest manufacturer of China and world's leading.


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