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Goh-Veg HPMC Capsules

Our Goh-Veg HPMC vegetable capsules are an economical choice for replacing gelatin capsules. 

Our Goh-Veg vegetable capsules are non GMO project certified.

Dissolution and functionalities:

Our research scientists have studied and compared our Goh-Veg capsules with gelatin capsules for dissolution and other functionalities. The conclusion is that our Goh-Veg capsules can be used to replace gelatin capsules completely. 
Detailed summary report of these studies is available to R&D scientists, please contact us to obtain.

Benefits of Goh-Veg Caps:

1: Natural & vegetable:
Hypromellose (HPMC) used for our Goh-Veg capsules are derived from non-GMO pine wood fibers that naturally grown in the east coast of United States.

2: Very Stable.
Goh-Veg HPMC Capsules are very stable at low moisture, and are great for products that are hydroscopic.

3: Great Machine-ability and suitability.
Goh-Veg Capsules are as resilient and flexible as gelatin capsules, they run very well on high speed automatic encapsulation machines (over 99.9%). 
Goh-Veg also are less sensitive to moisture changes.

4: Consistent 
The appearance and technical parameters of our Goh-Veg HPMC capsules are consistent from batches to batches.

5: Competitive pricing
Our Goh-Veg HPMC capsules is a great choice for price conscious customers.
Try us, and you will find out.

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