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Goji Berry Extractive

Goji Seed Oil
Our Goji seed oil is extracted by supercritical CO2 extraction, It is characterized by high purity, stable quality and non-pollution. It contains linoleic acid 68.3%, oleic acid 19.1%,γ-linoleinic acid 3.8%, Vitamin E 42.05mg/100g, β-carotene 263mg/100g, phospholipide 0.24%, and it also contains various microelements and epidermal growth factors of active materials of creature, SOD etc.

Clinic studies prove that goji seed oil has the following functions:
(1) reducing cholesterol in blood plasma, lowering the content of
cholesterol in haemal wall, and preventing hyperlipemia and
(2) accelerating skin blood circulation, directly involving in skin
metabolism, reducing free radical oxygen, postponing the
consenescence of epidermis and hypoderm, strengthening skin
hydration in favor of skin pliability and elasticity;
(3) reducing age pigment and chloasma;
(4) strengthening sex driving, especially for the older;
(5) curing glaucoma and cataract.

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