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GOS(Galacto Oligosaccharides)


  1. The oligosaccharide naturally existing in breast milk (~0.6%) with effects most    similar to breast milk。
  2. Stimulating the growth of both bifidus and acidophilus simultaneously, inhibiting    the growth of pathogens, establishing a healthy intestine microbiota。
  3. Dietary Fiber。
  4. Preventing constipation and lowering abdominal distention。
  5. Lowering diarrhea, anorexia, and dizziness etc.。
  6. Regulating immune system and enhancing immunity。
  7. Promoting the absorption of calcium, iron, and other minerals; enhancing bone    growth of children; preventing osteoporosis of the elderly and pregnant women。
  8. Superior resistance at high temperature and acidic environment; extending post-   processing shelf life; doesn't degrade easily。
  9. Low sweetness and calorie。
  10. Promoting the absorption of Magnesium and vitamins
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