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Grape Seed P.E. - Staherb Natural Ingredients-Chlorogenic acid corosolic acid Icariin Amygdalin Ursolic acid Laetrile

Grape Seed P.E.

Grape Seed P.E. PRODUCT CENTER Product Name: Grape Seed P.E. Product Type: Standard Extracts Usage: Clicks: 1476 Release Time: 2010-05-19 Introduction [Product Name] Grape Seed P.E. [Latin Name] Vitis vinifera [Source] Dry residua squeezed form Mature fruit of grape [Specification] OPC 95% CAS.No.84929-27-1 [Appearance] Red brown powder [Test Method] UV [Function] can minimum the danger caused by the following illness: cardiopathy, cancer, premature senility, arthritis, hypertension and the imbecile of the olds.2. it can strengthen the resistibility of the blood vessel, detumescence, and reduce the seriousness of the injury by the sports; And diminish the dropsy and the swell of the legs. It also can cure the chronic decay of vein enginery, reduce the probability of the diabetes mellitus, lighten and soften the skin, prevent the sun-burn, and also be effective for the pollinosis .More over, for the inflammation, it can relieve the pain caused by the arthritis, strengthen the immunity and cure the acute gastric ulcer.

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