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GreenGrown® - Vegetable Glucosamine

Today’s Premium Vegetable Source Glucosamine

Glucosamine is valued as a key ingredient in joint care formulas. GreenGrown® is a 100% vegan source glucosamine, that meets USP specifications, and is protected by US and EU patents. In today’s huge joint-care market GreenGrown® is the leading vegetable source glucosamine and provides a significant value-added opportunity.

The only identity confirmed, patent protected source

GreenGrown® is tested by ENI’s patented Isotopic Signature Carbon Tracing (ISCT) method, that is uniquely able to differentiate between shellfish and vegetable source glucosamine. This step is essential for a true guarantee of the vegan source of the material.

Read our white paper to learn more about the opportunities that exist for Vegetable Source Glucosamine products.

GreenGrown® Vegetable Glucosamine is ideal for all supplement and beverage uses

Available in both HCl and sulfate forms, either as a powder or granulation, GreenGrown® is ideal for encapsulated and tableted formulas. It’s clear white color, high solubility, and low flavor profile, also make it ideal for beverage, powders, and functional foods.

Certified Non-GMO

A recent survey found that 48% of global consumers are very concerned about GMO’s in their diet, and 87% of consumers think that Non-GMO products are inherently healthier. Specifically, 42% of supplement users feel that Non-GMO is an important factor in their supplement purchases1. Certified Non-GMO, GreenGrown® allows you to supply to this large consumer group.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Market

Today, in the US, 35% of supplement users say that a vegetarian source is important when choosing a supplement. These vegetarian-aware consumers tends to buy 3 times more supplements than other shoppers, and their purchasing patterns demonstrate brand loyalty2.

Other GreenGrown® value-added qualities

  • USP grade, available in sulfate or HCl
  • Kosher certified
  • No shellfish allergen warning required
  • GreenGrown combines well with other vegetarian sourced joint care ingredients.
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