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Halal Certification Services- Halal certifiction body in EuropeCertification Halal in Europe: France germany

Halal Certification Services-

For the continuous excellence in Halal certification, apart from improving and enhancing our own certification procedures and processes, we have developed Halal trainingsand lectures which are conducted frequently to enhance the awareness and understanding of Halal concept and islamic dietary laws and their requirements. Our leading position and experience permit us to facilitate halal market to our clients. Certification Certification Our certification service is exclusively designed for strict compliance the sharia standards. Every plant or product we certify is assessed and controlled by respected and independent professionals and Ulemas. Trainings Trainings Food technicians and other food industry related professionals but also professionals from various segments of industrial production need to be trained as a precautionary mesaure to avoid mistake to happen, which could jeopardize the Halal status of a certified product. The core of Halal certification lies in avoiding the occurence of cross-contamination and ensuring traceability through the whole supply chain.