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Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition Balchem® Ingredient Services services the Health & Nutrition Market with a wide range of products and capabilities. We help our customers innovate and optimize their product offerings, address the market needs, and take advantage of the trends that are shaping and driving the industry. As a strategic supply partner, we help to maximize the growth opportunities for their company and products. Nutrient Fortification We are the leading global choline producer, offering a range of products in the VitaCholine® line. Our premier brand of VitaCholine salts can be applied to food, beverage and supplement products. VitaCholine is an essential nutrient with proven benefits in the areas of cognitive function, liver health, prenatal nutrition, infant development fitness and maintaining a normal metabolism. Learn more about VitaCholine » Key Applications Sports Nutrition Meal Replacement & Diet Products Medical Health Foods Functional Food & Beverages Creaming Agents Non-dairy or dairy-based creaming agents are available in both standard and "foaming" formats to provide creaminess and flavor, improve texture and mouthfeel, create structure and stability, as well as deliver nutritional properties.