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Healthcare Manufacturer India - Viridis is the pioneer in Pharma Technology

Healthcare Manufacturer

manufacturing Innovation Factories Viridis Biopharma manufactures a wide range of products through its own plant and its subsidiaries, Synergia Life Sciences, Eburon Organics International II, LLC, USA, and Riata Organics. The Viridis plant at Wada, Maharashtra, India, is licensed by the Industrial Safety & Health Directorate, to manufacture products to heal burns and wounds. The Synergia plant in Wada, Maharashtra, India, has a cGMP/HACCP/ISO 22000 certified facility dedicated to manufacturing MenaquinGold™, with a proprietary deep tank fermentation process. The Eburon Organics International II, LLC, USA, plant in Lubbock, Texas, USA, is a worldwide supplier of custom and fine chemicals, as well as high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates. It manufactures over 500 compounds for the pharmaceutical industry, and can supply hundreds of kilograms of each product. Eburon also has the strength and expertise to develop economical processes for any new compounds of interest to clients.