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Heart Health/Immune Function | Molecular Health Technologies LLC.

Heart Health/Immune Function

Heart Health/Immune Function Products: Acerola Cherry Extract Powder 17% and 25% Vitamin C (Pink and Tan Colors) Astragulus Extract Bilberry Extract 25% Biotin Bitter Melon Extract Camu Camu Extracts 12% Vitamin C CoQ10 BioCoQ10WS (water soluble 10%, 20%, 40%) Cranberry Juice Extract Powder (10:1, 20:1, % Organic Acids) Cranberry Juice Powder Curcumin 95% D-Ribose Fo-Ti Extract Grape Seed Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins / ORAC Value) Grape Seed 85% Polyphenols by Folin-C Gymnema Sylvestre 25% and 75% Inositol Nicotinate Maqui Berry Juice Extract Powder Maqui Berry Juice Powder NovaSol Curcumin® NovaSol Omega® NovaSol Q® (11%)

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